I would like to change..

Change about myself..umm..I think everyone want to change themselves become better than before. Even small or big changes that we make it can make people surrounding happy but sometimes unhappy.Here, what i would like to change about myself, of course my intelligent because now feel that my result is not good enough then my friends. I already do to make it better than before, but it still not enough. Secondly, I also want to improve my confident level to stand in front of people, because I quite afraid, nervous, my body become cold and sweating. Thirdly, I would like to change my appearance, I feel I am become horizontally-challenges even my BMI is normal I still want to change that because I can fit all the latest designs of fashion. I also want to control my meal that I take everyday, because after take my lunch I eat chocolate, biscuit and others snack. Since I want to change about myself still love myself and to me be the another person hard than be ourselves . Its not we cannot accept what people judging or advice ourselves, we can change but still be ourselves. Finally, I love myself, and I love what my parents treat me to be a good person.


  1. To change oneself is hard.
    To change others is even harder.

    Once you have managed to change,embrace yourself for the difficulty you have overcome.

  2. wany mase kecik-kecik cute jer nampak..hehehe