Ndriane & Qayyum happy belated birthday.

You'll a my best friend I eva had in UiTM. I look upon U like my 'grand frere et grand soeur'.

Bayu Grill, 1 Mac 2009

After 5 years..

What I would like to do in 5 years are work for help my dad to support my younger sister study and further my study and engaged with my dream man.

1.work as a Sous chef or Pastry chef at hotel nearest with my home. I never leave my family without me anymore. After 2 years stay at hostel plus 3 years at UiTM

2.I complete my diploma and further study, of course do my degree in Culinary Arts but I would like take short coarse of computer or photography. The coarse I admire in my life.

3. I don't want to marry in late age, Malay people said "andartu". So I would like engaged with my chosen man and I think my parents also give decision to me.

dream man??

Hurrrm...The word "Dream Man" we can see all woman had their 'dream' man and all criteria.

A man with his

good heatlh because I always sick, my immunisation not good.

wealthiness of course la rich because I love to shopping but not buy branded product (sometimes la) and I love to eat, everything that delicious plus halal.
have car especially Suzuki Swift. If necessary have Mercedes or BMW.hahaa

have house with gardening place and space for my cat for playing around.


good looking (handsome), never mind la if not handsome.

can make me melt.

nose never mind i doesn't care because Malaysian people nose are "Penyek"

eyes, sepet eyes kot.hehee
attire, I love a man wearing a kemeja and tie with a leather shoe.

and his must protective like Papa do to me, always asking me where I go, with who I hang out, what I do He also have to advice me if I did wrong. He also must non-smoker person because I hate cigarette, its can make my asthma back.
Last but not least, he must caring, romance feeling because I lack info. about relationship.

To me, I don't mind it he got all criteria that I want as long as He love me all his heart and understand me as not perfectionist. Next, he should not married yet, that's important. If he married but he have money to buy all the thing I want hahaha. Datuk or Tan Sri watch out. ngee~ In addition, I would He which is my dream man are same as Papa, my idol person.

The best Thing That has Ever Happened to my Life

The best Thing That has Ever Happened to my Life are during my father's office family day. My family and I had 2 family day, in morning for all branch PKNS at SS7, Kelana Jaya and in night for PKNS Shah Alam at Section 17.

I love to go family day because I love to eat their provided for free such as KFC, kerepek, bread, pop corn and many more. When I was kid, I involve in Sukaneka but now I very shy to involve. We just playing games like games at fun fair, paint ball, sand arts and playing with hamster, rabbit. After tried playing around, we just wait for Cabutan Bertuah at the end of family day the grand price is Plasma TV, waiting are very boring moment but didn't get the price. After all the price finish all family go to their car and back their home but my family and I still stay because papa said "Biar la orang lain balik dulu, jam depan tu..". So we still stay for a while to give other way. Guess what? The MC announce that had other one game left, the game want 5 person for 1 group. Mama said "Jom masuk, lagipun orang dah ramai balik". In our game consist Papa, Mama, Wany, Aten, and Faah. After we playing the game, we won the game and get the presents. My family and I shock because we get the same present which is DVD Player, 5DVD Player in one game.

At nigth, We also best moment because had delicious meal and Papa enter Karaoke Contest, it was funny because I never see Papa sing, and he won 2ND place in contest.

I would like to change..

Change about myself..umm..I think everyone want to change themselves become better than before. Even small or big changes that we make it can make people surrounding happy but sometimes unhappy.Here, what i would like to change about myself, of course my intelligent because now feel that my result is not good enough then my friends. I already do to make it better than before, but it still not enough. Secondly, I also want to improve my confident level to stand in front of people, because I quite afraid, nervous, my body become cold and sweating. Thirdly, I would like to change my appearance, I feel I am become horizontally-challenges even my BMI is normal I still want to change that because I can fit all the latest designs of fashion. I also want to control my meal that I take everyday, because after take my lunch I eat chocolate, biscuit and others snack. Since I want to change about myself still love myself and to me be the another person hard than be ourselves . Its not we cannot accept what people judging or advice ourselves, we can change but still be ourselves. Finally, I love myself, and I love what my parents treat me to be a good person.

My holiday

Holiday...Hurmm..Lets see...Holiday is the time that I can spend my lovely family and friends. Before I come back home, I was very dispointed when I waiting for the bus to send me home, but the bus did not came. My friend and I wait and continue wait but bus didn't came. After 10 hours we wait at Station Bus Dungun, the bus came. I slept in the bus until i arrive at Shah Alam, it so tired to stay all night at station bus.On Sunday, I went to my Uncle, Haji Hashim house at Section 27, Shah Alam. He is my father brother.His daughter engagement with her choices. The ceremony happen smoothly and happiness. Then, My family and I went to another my Uncle Haji Asri house at Bukit Mendi, Pahang. We went thier because on last Hari Raya we didn't go there. His house are the only one that located at village. I was enjoyable because there have rooster and 3 type of fish, which is Patin, Kerapu, Talapia fish, my home does not have that. At my home only have cat, which a very close to me and love them as I love my parents. The next day, I went to Alamanda, Putrajaya to take my lunch at Kenny Rogers Rooster with Him .I can't believe that I spend RM53 just for 2 person meanwhile the beverage are RM16.50, so expensive. Whatever it is we have to boycot them. Hahaha:D Thats all my story thatt I spend on holiday.

..Sis Ween's engagement ceremony..

My Experience Being a UiTMT Student For One Semester

It is hard to me to survive my life at Dungun. There are several factor that make I afraid to stay here. Firstly, I have to stay a far from my family. Next, I would find new friend that I can get in and I have to manage my self and my money that my father provided to me. The first time I being here, I was shock because my ex-schoolmates being in UiTM too and they are also same programme with me which is Diploma in Culinary Arts. For the first week, I been alone here but when the class started, I can get in with my friends. Their are my bestfriend which are Atul, Ndriane, Nini, Kak Long, Dewi, Qayyum, Rahman,Dzul, Abun, Fazli, Paan. They make my life usefull to being here. All of my bestfriend have different personality, so I have to study their personality to be closed with them.

When I know them, I found that they have owned thier talent especially in Performing Arts. I also follow them to enter Theatre Club to get experienced in Performing Arts. Sweet memories in this club, my friend and I perform at Bandar Dungun to represent UiTM in "Perasmian Bandaraya Dungun Ceremony" and "Annual Dinner HEP". Talking about my study, I little bit lazy to study and I taking easy about my study. Now I realize University is not like my previous school, I realize also different place, different situation. I also realize that I have to study in study group to make me more understand.