After 5 years..

What I would like to do in 5 years are work for help my dad to support my younger sister study and further my study and engaged with my dream man. as a Sous chef or Pastry chef at hotel nearest with my home. I never leave my family without me anymore. After 2 years stay at hostel plus 3 years at UiTM

2.I complete my diploma and further study, of course do my degree in Culinary Arts but I would like take short coarse of computer or photography. The coarse I admire in my life.

3. I don't want to marry in late age, Malay people said "andartu". So I would like engaged with my chosen man and I think my parents also give decision to me.


  1. uit..
    nikon xbesla..
    bliLa canon D450..
    Nikon Israel..hehe

  2. Hope you can fulfill your dream successfully..