dream man??

Hurrrm...The word "Dream Man" we can see all woman had their 'dream' man and all criteria.

A man with his

good heatlh because I always sick, my immunisation not good.

wealthiness of course la rich because I love to shopping but not buy branded product (sometimes la) and I love to eat, everything that delicious plus halal.
have car especially Suzuki Swift. If necessary have Mercedes or BMW.hahaa

have house with gardening place and space for my cat for playing around.


good looking (handsome), never mind la if not handsome.

can make me melt.

nose never mind i doesn't care because Malaysian people nose are "Penyek"

eyes, sepet eyes kot.hehee
attire, I love a man wearing a kemeja and tie with a leather shoe.

and his must protective like Papa do to me, always asking me where I go, with who I hang out, what I do He also have to advice me if I did wrong. He also must non-smoker person because I hate cigarette, its can make my asthma back.
Last but not least, he must caring, romance feeling because I lack info. about relationship.

To me, I don't mind it he got all criteria that I want as long as He love me all his heart and understand me as not perfectionist. Next, he should not married yet, that's important. If he married but he have money to buy all the thing I want hahaha. Datuk or Tan Sri watch out. ngee~ In addition, I would He which is my dream man are same as Papa, my idol person.


  1. teeet!! tekaan yg salah..
    atul xmenepati ciri no 3,4,5,8 n 9..ha3!!
    apala ko teka...choi!!

  2. Hope you'll find him one day..